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Roof Surveys and inspections.

Dronebiz Roof Surveys and inspections can inspect a residential and commercial roof, the technology is so advanced that a drone inspection is often more accurate, cheaper and safer than a manual roof survey.

A drone roof inspection can help you pick up on issues that you would otherwise have no idea about unless you used ladders to access the roof manually.

Drone roof inspections start from £160 subject to location and size of property.



Drone surveys and roof inspections.

How accurate are drone surveys?

The technology is so advanced that a drone inspection uses high resolution images and video to examine every detail of a residential and commercial properties.

Roof Surveys and inspections, Dronebiz can inspect a roof, the technology is so advanced that a drone inspection is often more accurate.

What is a drone survey?

A drone roof survey is an qualified operator flies an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) around a roof to capture high-quality photos, video can also be captured at request.

What are the benefits of a Drone roof inspection?

There are many reasons to use DroneBiz for an roof inspection, safety, speed, accuracy, high resolution images and video plus it can reduce insurance costs.

How much does a Drone Survey Cost?

Typically a drone survey costs £160 subject to what details you need and how big the property is. Contact us for further information here.

Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections.

Hire Approved Drone Operator for roof surveys and inspections.

DroneBiz can conduct a roof inspection quickly and efficiently, reducing the time it takes to complete a survey. Drones can cover a large area in a shorter amount of time than traditional methods and are much quicker than erecting scaffolding or scaling the building using rope access to conduct a manual inspection, contact DroneBiz Merseyside to discuss any commercial or industrial facilities that you need inspecting.

We can provide a quote for your Drone Photography and Film requirements, please contact is here.

Roof Surveys and inspections, Dronebiz can inspect a roof, the technology is so advanced that a drone inspection is often more accurate, DroneBiz YouTube. 




Drone surveys and roof inspections.

Drone Survey

Basic 1 hour location Drone Photography, with branded images.



Subject to conditions #1

Drone Photography / video

Two flights, Photography & Video. Includes images and video clips.



Plus branded images #1

Drone Survey Package

Photography edited and branded. Short complilation video of clips.



Subject to conditions #1

DroneBiz Costs

We have indicative plans and fully bespoke services that we can adapt to your individual requirements and expectations for the output media.

NOTICE: DroneBiz use several types of DJI Drones that vary in size and image quality, subject to the type of drone required for the specific assignment will vary the price of service quoted.

The above prices are indicative of our services and costs. DroneBiz commissions and pricing structures range from £160 -£1000 and we are always keen to discuss with potential clients their plans.

Location, time and dates can vary times, prices and terms. #Indicative means that the specific volume of filming and editing final output productions and stills will determine the final cost.

Birds Eye View from DroneBiz

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Peel L&P has appointed construction company Graham to build a catalytic and sustainable development of 500 apartments within the emerging Northbank neighbourhood at Wirral Waters.

Construction work will begin in spring of 2022 on the £130m development, currently known as Wirral Waters One, which is set to be the biggest single development at Wirral Waters to date, within one of the largest and most sustainable regeneration projects in the UK.

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