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Hire Approved Drone Operator


For property roof inspection photography and video Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside and North Wales.

DroneBiz Merseyside and Cheshire surveys offer the ability to reach even the most inaccessible, hazardous, flat or pitched roof, residential or large-scale commercial sites, using the latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone technology to provide a wide range of drone surveys and inspections. DroneBiz offer fast turnarounds on all aerial photography and video for any size of roof inspection.

Read more about aerial photography, video.s and our work with Cunard Line ‘Queen Anne’ and the naming service at Liverpool Waterfront, its all in Barry Brown drone pilot ‘DroneBiz’ blog here




Hire Approved Drone Operator, DroneBiz High Quality Aerial Photography & Video Survey.


Progress update at Millers Quay Wirral 4k Hire Approved Drone Operator in Liverpool and Wirral, CAA Approved for flying and capturing Film and Photography content in Liverpool City Region and NorthWest.

Drone roof survey specialist for Merseyside, DroneBiz roof surveys offer several advantages over traditional methods. They are efficient and high quality, reducing the time it takes to survey a roof, and they can access hard-to-reach areas.

Drone Pilot Latest Work ‘Cunard Line Queen Anne’ naming service firework display.


The world watched Liverpool June 2024 in awe as the magnificent Cunard Queen Anne set sail from Liverpool, marking her official christening. But the true spectacle wasn’t just the grandeur of the ship itself! The night sky was ablaze with a breathtaking firework display, a fitting farewell to this remarkable vessel. Read more in DroneBiz Blog.

Residential and Commercial aerial inspections, Hire Approved Drone Operator.

Hire Approved Drone Operator

Drone inspections are a popular and trusted method for inspecting commercial and residential roofs in the UK. Using a high-resolution camera, drones can capture detailed images of the roof and other areas of any structure, including tiles, chimney, guttering, and problem areas.

Dronebiz can inspect a roof, the technology is so advanced that a drone inspection is often more accurate, cheaper and safer than a manual.

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Roof Surveys and inspections
Roof Surveys and inspections

We needed aerial photo’s for our air bnb property, Barry arrived ontime to do the work. I was really surprised how good the finished images were. Barry was very helpful  and we will be using his services again.


Steve Barnes

Cant review Barry with any less than 5 stars. The pictures, virtual tour and video are brilliant and we wouldnt hesitate to recommend DroneBiz to others business’s and friends.



Recently had Barry and DroneBiz over to create a aerial video and photography for a new residential home we have opened. The images and short video look amazing on our website thank you.


Kurtis Sandlan

Hire Approved Drone Operator, Aerial view of Liverpool Pier Head and bright lights by Merseyside Drone Pilot.


Book a drone pilot in Liverpool. DroneBiz are fully qualified and insured for all aerial survey projects. Save time and money by using a drone operator for roof surveys with high quality photography and video.

Aerial drone roof and property inspections, Hire Approved Drone Operator.

Hire Approved Drone Operator

Aerial photography and video for close inspection of residential and commercial properties providing high quality images and video in 4K to ensure any defects are identified during the inspection and survey.

We can provide a quote for your Drone Photography and Film requirements, please contact us here.




Drone Survey

Basic 1 hour location Drone Photography, with branded images.



Subject to conditions #1

Drone Photography / video

Two flights, Photography & Video. Includes images and video clips.



Plus branded images #1

Drone Survey Package

Photography edited and branded. Short complilation video of clips.



Subject to conditions #1

DroneBiz Costs

Hire Approved Drone Operator. We have indicative plans and fully bespoke services that we can adapt to your individual requirements and expectations for the output media CAA Approved Drone Operator.

The UK’s drone rules are based on the risk of the flight – where you fly, the proximity to other people, and the size and weight of your drone.

The rules don’t apply if you are flying indoors. Flights within buildings, or within areas where there is no possibility for the drone to escape into the open air (such as a closed netted structure) are not subject to aviation legislation.

NOTICE: DroneBiz use several types of DJI Drones that vary in size and image quality, subject to the type of drone required for the specific assignment will vary the price of service quoted.

The above prices are indicative of our services and costs. DroneBiz commissions and pricing structures range from £160 -£1000 and we are always keen to discuss with potential clients their plans.

Location, time and dates can vary times, prices and terms. #Indicative means that the specific volume of filming and editing final output productions and stills will determine the final cost.

Aerial Wealth & Streets Wirral 2024.

Cinematic observation 4k

Aerial landscape 2024.

cinematic observation 4k

Roof Surveys and inspections

The Liverpool Royal Liver Building